The true meaning of family has nothing to do with an accident of birth. Family is not that group of people for which you force yourself to act happy around especially when you are “not in the mood” or loan money to you when you are too short-sighted to have prepared. webcam girl Those people are just relatives.

Family are those random people…true friends or relatives…who just seem to know when it’s their opportunity to repay that act of respect or kindness you showed them with an even greater act of their own. Even if what you did back then, maybe even decades ago, was “no big deal” for you and expected nothing in return, it obviously was a very big deal to them that put you on the permanent spiritual “Christmas card” list.

The Universe may not care…but it definitely keeps score that is stored in the collective unconsciousness of mankind. So when amazing things begin to happen when the odds were completely against it during the hours that were darkest before dawn, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the Universe is merely rebalancing a cosmic equation…but this time in your favor. To those who believe that family is only defined by blood, I truly pity them should they ever need blood…or something even more important that relatives cannot always provide. The day will come when this kind of person needs help from that silent observer. At least now they have been shown a clue as to why help will or will not arrive. But for these people to understand (and internalize) that clue is an entirely different story…and pretty much explains why they continue to fail.